About Us.

What makes us happy is: Your appreciation for a Clean, Portable toilet.

Valley Portable Toilets has proudly served the Annapolis Valley for the past 22 years, offering excellently maintained and technologically advanced Portable Toilet units for any event!

Our extensive range includes high-end units, available in various colours, as well as modern wash stations and modern spacious wedding toilets.

With over 500 portable units, wheelchair-accessible toilets, and elegant wedding toilets, we ensure that all your sanitation needs are met efficiently and stylishly.

We ensure your satisfaction by providing:
• Clean units in excellent working condition, prompt deliveries and reliable service.

At Valley Portable Toilets, we take pride in our exceptional team of skilled professionals who bring years of experience in toilet rentals and ensure cleanliness is our priority. Each of our employees undergoes comprehensive training and earns necessary accreditations to maintain our high standards.

✔ Occupational Health & Safety


✔ First Aid & CPR

✔ Supervisor/Lead Hand Responsibilities 

✔ Personal Protective Equipment

✔ Work Refusal/Work Stoppage

✔ Construction Site Safety

Call us if you need some relief; even on short notice, we will always try to help!



We always operate according to the safety procedures of events and construction sites.

We comply with all legislative requirements pertaining to safety, health and the environment. 

Our personnel is fully Safety certified.

Quality Service

We consistently provide the cleanest portable toilets.

We offer a reliable service schedule.

We act as quickly as possible to rectify any issue caused by weather or unforeseen circumstances.


      We continually challenge ourselves to deliver our units and services in the most efficient method while never compromising on safety or quality.

      We use the latest technology to continually improve our efficiency.


      Portable toilets – a love/hate relationship.

      For us it has been a decidedly positive relationship and one I can’t foresee us doing without for a long time to come. Scott and his crew have ensured our potables – of which there are many scattered throughout the property – are clean (inside & out) and well stocked even on our busiest days – not an easy feat with our type of business. Service we truly appreciate.

      Beth Pattillo, Agritourism Farm Ltd.

      Manager Noggins Corner , Noggins Farm LTD