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Portable Toilet Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the cost of the rental?

Portable toilet rentals include delivery in our serviceable area, pick up, and waste disposal. Each unit is fully stocked. If rented for longer than one week, one cleaning and restocking are included each week for the rental duration.

Will my portable toilet be clean?

We pride ourselves on providing the cleanest, freshest portable toilets around. We use the strongest deodorizers and pleasant-smelling scent disks to ensure a pleasant experience. Newer units are used for weekend rentals and special events, and as they age, we move them to job sites. We never use construction or farm rentals for a wedding!

How do I know how many toilets I will need for my event or job site?

Please call so we can assess your needs and process your order according to those needs based on people, hours, cleanings, etc. We do, however, have a restroom chart on the site to help give you an idea. See below for more detailed information.

How far ahead of time do I need to book a portable toilet rental?

Usually, a few days’ notice is sufficient, but we can often accommodate last-minute orders. If you are renting portable toilets for a special occasion or event, we suggest that you book ASAP, as it’s first come, first served. But rest assured we have 500 or more units. We have your back!

What If I need the unit for a day or two longer than a month?

We offer seasonal contracts and have several options for your job site or Cottage rental. For Farm rental service, please give us a call so we know the location of the fields that require portable toilets and maintenance.

Our billing cycle is a full month, not 28 days. After the first month’s rental, we prorate your bill so you only pay for what you use.

Do portable toilet rentals require a electrical hook up or water?

Our regular portable toilet units do not require a electrical or water hook up, however our large trailers for your special event or construction need an electrical connection.

Where do you dispose of the waste?

We are fully licensed and insured waste hauler, we are an environmentally conscious company. Our technicians’ evacuate out the portable toilet units and then dispose of it at a licensed waste treatment facility that is certified by the Ministry of the Environment.

How Many Porta Potties Do You Need?

Whether you’re throwing the outdoor wedding of the season with 200 guests or managing a construction project with 75 workers, you’ll want to have enough portable restrooms to accommodate nature’s call. Overestimate the number and you’ll overspend. Underestimate and your guests or workers could stand in a long line for the loo — and, worse, have to hold their nose when their turn comes.

How many people, for how long?

The main factors to consider are the number of people who will use the restrooms and the number of hours for which you’ll need them.

Event Rental Calculator

Determine how many hours your event will last.  If multiple days, use the longest day.  Determine your guest count.  If multiple days, use the day with the largest attendance.  Use the chart to determine the number of restrooms needed for your upcoming event.

Note:  If alcohol is being served, add 15-20% more restrooms.  Add one Handicap Accessible Restroom per 20 portable restrooms, or a minimum of one for events open to the public.  Adequate hand washing should also be provided with restrooms in all food service areas.
A minimum of (1) handwash station should be added per (4) restrooms

Construction Rental Calculator

Determine how many shifts will be worked at your job site.  Determine your workforce size, especially during peak times.  Use the chart to determine the number of restrooms needed for your upcoming project.

(1) Restroom can accommodate 10 workers during a 40-hour work week. 

Are there women on the jobsite?

On construction projects that include women workers, the National Association of Women in Construction recommends providing separate facilities for them.

Give us a call and we will do the math for you!

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